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What are the computer hardware and software requirements?

Answer: You only need a computer that is connected to the Internet. There is no need for any attendance time tracking software to install or upgrade the system.

Where can my staff or I access the Citadel web based time clock?

Answer: You can access it from anywhere from the Internet. Your employees can access it from one or multiple computers, phones, and from the time clock device. Your employees can clock in using web browser or the Citadel app downloaded to a smartphone.

Do employees need to have any computer knowledge?

Answer: Basic computer knowledge is required to operate time clocks. We have designed it with a focus on “no instructions required” use. Every time clock we sell is very simple and convenient.

Does the Citadel web based time clock back up my data?

Answer: Yes. Citadel web based time clocks and software are programmed to make data backups on a daily basis.

How secure are biometric fingerprint clocking in terminals?

Answer: The Citadel biometric clocking in terminals DO NOT store an image of an employees’ fingerprint.

Once the fingerprint has been recorded it’s encoded and stored in the terminal memory as a code. No two codes are the same. When the employee puts their finger into the terminal for scanning after the initial enrolment, their fingerprint is scanned and matched to the stored code.

It’s not possible to recreate anything from within the terminal or the system that could be used to provide an image of a fingerprint.

If you are considering introducing biometric clocking in we suggest you communicate to your staff that there are no privacy or security issues. Biometric clocking in is also fairer as it stops buddy clocking where one employee clocks in for another and it ensures accurate pay.

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