Offline Clocking

Last Modified: Sep 11, 2018 @ 3:48 pm

When the Citadel Time Clock loses connection, Offline Clocking allows the clock to continue to accept clockings and store them on the clock until connection to the Citadel Cloud is established at which point all stored clockings are uploaded and added to the time card. To know when Offline Clocking is enabled follow these steps:

  1. Clocks that have lost connection will show in the Time Clocks menu as being offline.
  1. A banner displays across the top of the portal if any of the account’s clocks are offline. The banner informs you that clocks are offline and clockings will be stored until connection is established. Users can click on the View Time Clocks link in the banner to be brought to the Time Clocks menu (if the logged in person’s role has permissions to View or Add/Edit Time Clocks)

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