Using Quick Clocking on your Citadel Time Clock

Last Modified: Sep 11, 2018 @ 3:54 pm

Quick Clocking provides users with the ‘most likely’ clock option, based on the users last clock. This feature will help users quickly and easily perform the correct clock option, along with reducing the number of errors that occur from the time clock.

Below are the steps to use Predictive Clocking on your time clock;

  1. Users will access the time clock using their PIN, RFID or registered FINGERPRINT.
  2. As a default, users will be set to use the Quick Clocking feature. This will be highlighted by viewing the ‘Quick’ or ‘All’ options underneath the feature.
  3. Selecting ‘Quick‘ will ensure that Predictive Clocking is enabled, providing the user with the ‘most likely’ clock option based on their previous clock.
  1. Selecting ‘All’ will disable the Predictive Clocking feature, providing the user with all available clock options. Users who select to follow the ‘All’ approach to clocking will have their preference automatically saved at the time clock.

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