Activating Offline Clocking for your Citadel Mobile Application

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2019 @ 1:21 pm

Offline Clocking allows your employees to clock from their smartphone without requiring an internet connection. Clockings made while in offline mode will be stored on the device and will upload to your cloud account when the device reconnects to the internet. Below are the steps for enabling Unrestricted Offline Clockings:

  1. As a user with permissions to edit policies, access Clocking Management and set ‘Allow Smartphone Clock‘ to Yes, along with setting ‘Unrestricted Offline Clockings‘ to Yes.
  1. Active users, with this policy set, will now have access to clock on the Citadel Smartphone Application, even without connection to the internet.

Note: When ‘Unrestricted Offline Clockings‘ is set to Yes, all Lockout and Geo-locations currently active will be disabled until a network connection is re-established.

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